Carpet Medics Restoration has been a proven provider of disaster recovery and restoration for over 20 years. Our services include fire, wind, water, and mold damage restoration. Our experienced team is prepared even before the disaster strikes!

We are an immediate 24 hour response team. 870-367-1911


fire-thumb FIRE DAMAGE
A fire in your home or office can be an extremely traumatic event. Fire damage restoration and smoke removal is a complicated task that should only be performed by professionals…Learn More


wind-thumb WIND DAMAGE
The damage caused by tornadoes and straight line winds, can range from roof damage, broken windows, and complete structural devastation. Cleanups and repairs can be difficult and even dangerous to do on your own…Learn More


water-thumb WATER DAMAGE
With a flood, storm, or water leak comes water that can virtually destroy drywall and even damage the structure of your home or business. Without water removal, drying, and repair, water damage can lead to the formation of mold in the drywall and the wall studs causing further issues….Learn More


mold-thumb MOLD DAMAGE
Often unseen, mold can cause damage not only to your home or office, but also to yourself and your loved ones. Mold spores cause a variety of illnesses from allergies to respiratory, digestive and other illnesses…Learn More