Office Furniture



Office furniture can say a lot about a business. Is it trendy, elegant, or refined? Whatever tone you want your business to have, above all you want to convey professionalism and cleanliness to your clients. But over time and with high traffic, waiting room sofas and office chairs can become dingy and lifeless. Carpet Medics’ professional upholstery and leather cleaning specialists can put the life back into your office furniture. Our furniture experts can safely clean and treat all types of furniture. Carpet Medics Restoration can remove odors and provide a protective conditioner to extend the life of your furniture, protecting from stains and scratches. Even if your upholstery still looks clean, unseen dust mites, mold spores, mildew and other allergens can be trapped deep-down in the furniture’s crevices and fibers. These pollutants can then be recirculated back into the air, reducing air quality. Working through lunch, workers can also leave behind food, oil, and grease on desks and chairs. Carpet Medics Restoration can safely and effectively remove all these contaminants and keep your office furniture looking like new with our proven deep-cleaning system.