Mary Donaldson | Weevil Run Apartments

Randy Phillips and his team at Carpet Medics offer honest, dependable, reasonably-priced service. Randy is the one I call whenever I need carpets cleaned or have an emergency like the one I had a few weeks ago. I received a call about 8:30 one evening from an apartment tenant informing me that water was running out of the door in the apartment beside him. When I checked it out, I discovered the tenant from that apartment had left the water running in her bathroom sink and the apartment was flooded. Randy came out that night to pump the water out and worked for several days to ensure everything dried out so there would be no mold or rotting wood. It is comforting to know our town has a business with the expertise and dedication of Randy Phillips.

Mary Donaldson
Homeowner/Owner Weevil Run Apts
Principal @ Monticello Intermediate School